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How many times have you gotten up with jaw pain? Surely most of us have suffered this discomfort on some occasion throughout our lives. This pain is usually due to the fact that while we sleep we usually press our teeth hard. This is what is known as bruxism.

It consists of a disorder more common than we think and that occurs in all types of people at all ages. It is characterized because the individual who suffers tightens or grinds his teeth unconsciously. Normally, occurs throughout the night, because the time of day when we just control our impulses, although in some people it occurs during the day. This disorder may seem simple, but it is the trigger for a series of symptoms.

The causes that produce this disorder are not known for sure, although it is considered an excess of stress that is suffered throughout the day that triggers a nervous activity while we sleep. In this way it could be an escape route that the body has to eliminate all the excess tension that we accumulate.

Of course, bruxism affects mainly the teeth, and this continuous movement of teeth grinding is what causes them to wear out and lose their strength, we end up grinding away the enamel which covers the teeth and protects it. This disorder also affects the jaw and can cause strain and wear on the bone structures.

Tendinitis in the jaw, muscle overload and bone pain are some of the consequences of bruxism, and is that an excess of pressure builds up in this part of the face that ends up being translated into a disorder. In many cases this tension is so great that it can affect the ears generating pains in the eardrum and the rest of the bones that make up the ear. In many cases, this disorder also leads to returning headaches.In the case of some children suffering from this, it has affected their behavior.

Most specialists agree that there are many reasons that lead to tension and or stress that can cause a person to grind their teeth.

For this reason it is important that this problem is detected as soon as possible to prevent it from going on and finishing off your teeth. We also know that teeth and their health directly relate to the rest of your body. That’s why treatment is essential. We can advise on solutions to this increasingly common problem.
Dr. Alberto Salgado lectures regularly on bruxism for dentists, and at Clínica Salgado we treat bruxism in an integral way to obtain the best possible treatment.



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