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Implantology Unitary implant The unitary implant is the best method to replace the loss of a tooth. It consists of placing a titanium screw in the bone that will work as the root of the lost tooth and on that screw we will [...]


Pediatric Dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry Pediatric dentistry is the branch of dentistry that treats children. Responsible for detecting possible anomalies with the teeth also the position of the jaws and teeth which may be refered to the orthodontist, to propose a orthodonitc treatment if required. The [...]



Orthodontics Orthodontic appliances are devices designed to correct the faulty positions of teeth and position of the jawbones where they sit. Orthodontic appliances straighten the teeth by exerting constant pressure on them and keeping them in a fixed position for a certain period [...]


Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental Aesthetics In our consultations we do not only perform dental rehabilitation with implants, the aesthetic rehabilitation of natural teeth using ceramic crowns is also an important part of our clinical work. CORONA METAL-PORCELAIN These prostheses often have a metal [...]



Endodontics This treatment is commonly known as "Killing the nerve". It consists of the excision of the vascular-nervous package that is inside the tooth and is the cause of the dental pain. By means of special instruments the inside of the tooth is [...]



Bruxism How many times have you gotten up with jaw pain? Surely most of us have suffered this discomfort on some occasion throughout our lives. This pain is usually due to the fact that while we sleep we usually press our teeth hard. [...]



Anesthesia In Clinica Salgado we offer our patients dental treatments with conscious sedation. Conscious dental sedation consists of taking the patient to a controlled, depressed state of consciousness while at the same time maintaining ventilatory protective reflexes intact. All our specialized dentists work [...]

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